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Tide promotions club

Make a splash.

When you're tired of normal, everyday marketing plans, you turn to Tide.

Tide Promotions Club is an independent marketing group commissioned by P&G Brands to inspire today's youth with interactive online promotions combining internet project publicity with discounted access to Tide products. Over the past 4 years we've partnered with such online influencers as That Poppy and GroovyChaos to combine the exciting marketing energy of alternate reality gaming with unbeatable deals on Tide products.

Our most recent project

Over 800 people came together to make vanderstank.com one of the year's coolest ARGs. We collaborated with HDF Design, LLC to craft a game that was confusing yet riveting up until the end. HDF chose us to partner with because of our shared love for Tide products, and our belief that humanity is a fundamentally flawed species blindly stumbling down a path to brutal self-destruction.

Do you have an exciting new ARG we could use to promote Tide products? Let us know at ideas@tidepromotions.club and your project could be featured next!

Licensees of P&G Brands trademarks agree to assume all responsibility for the opinions and content created in the course of Tide Promotions Club projects.